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Ranch House Rules

First and foremost, respect your goals and those of your housemates. The Ranch House is a haven for hard work and relaxation. We have made every effort to provide everything we can to help you enjoy your down time while training at the Baseball Ranch.

We will have a Resident Assistant staying at the house for the duration of the summer camp, starting at the end of May. Upon your arrival the RA will provide you with an orientation to the house and it’s amenities. He will also review these house rules with you and ask you to sign a copy indicating your understanding and compliance.

1. No drugs or alcohol permitted at the house.

In simplest terms we have a ​zero tolerance policy​. No drugs or alcohol is allowed at the house. We have a number of athletes at the house at any given time that are under the age of 21. To ensure that there are no issues with underage drinking at the house, we ask that all individuals who are 21 or older do not bring alcohol to the house. Any violation of this policy will result in your being asked to leave and a forfeit of any fees paid.

2. Quiet Time

Sleep is a critical component of recovery. The walls between the bedrooms are thin and noise does travel through the house. Please respect your fellow athletes by keeping noise to an absolute minimum during quiet times

  • Weeknights 10:00pm-7am
  • Weekends 12am-10am

3. Cleanliness

Cleanliness has never been more important than it is today. Please see our COVID-19 specific policies listed at the end of this document. At any given time there may be up to 10 athletes at the house. The house can and will get messy quickly – please do your part to clean up after yourself.

  • Wash your hands as soon as you enter the house
  • Shoes off in the house – ​to keep the amount of dirt to a minimum please leave your shoes at the front door – cleats in the garage.

Kitchen, Dishes, BBQ – Wash your dishes immediately. ​Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink. If you cook, clean up after yourself immediately so that the next person can prepare their meal. Please scrape the grill after you use it.
Laundry – Place your workout clothes in the laundry baskets provided – Not on the floor.​ Please keep up on your laundry. The house will begin to smell like a locker room if clothes are left more than two days. Work with your fellow athletes to run group loads of laundry every couple of days – this will reduce the load on our septic system. Your noses will appreciate your effort.
● Bathrooms – ​The bathrooms are shared between 3 and 4 athletes. Workouts can often be dirty and the showers can show it. Please try and keep the bathrooms clean for your fellow athletes.
Cleats and Equipment –​ Please keep your baseball gear and cleats in the space provided in the garage. This will reduce the amount of dirt in the house.
Messes Happen –​ If you make a mess please try to clean it up quickly. The Resident Assistant may ask the group to do a quick clean up of the house, please comply with his requests.
● House Cleaners – ​Our house cleaners will come once a week on Saturday morning to clean the common areas, bathrooms, and change the beds. Please pick up your room on Friday night, getting everything off of the floor so they can vacuum. ​Remove all personal items from your bed so they can change your bedding. ​Place your towels and bed sheets in the provided laundry bag and on the bed on Saturday morning before workout. The cleaners will change your bed linens and replace only the towels that are on the bed.

4. Visitors & Neighborhood

Due to COVID-19, NO ONE WHO IS NOT SIGNED UP TO STAY AT THE HOUSE IS ALLOWED INSIDE AT ANY TIME. ​Absolutely ​no overnight guests​ are permitted at any time. Absolutely ​no parties​. Please keep the noise and music to reasonable (inside voice) levels so that we do not disturb our neighbors. No music or noise in the pool area after quiet time.

5. Parking

Please do not park on the grass in front of the house. ​To the extent possible please keep cars parked on the concrete pad next to the garage. No cars are allowed in the garage.

6. Bikes

The bikes are provided for your use. We have provided helmets and bike locks for each bike. Please do not leave bikes at the baseball ranch. Make sure they are kept in the garage each night. Wiggins does have fast moving traffic so please be careful and aware of your surroundings. SPM does not assume any liability for accidents or injury caused while riding the provided bikes.

7. Workout Towels

On your bed you will find a stack of towels. The small white towels are provided for your use at the baseball ranch. Please do not remove any other towels from the house. Additional workout towels are available in the cabinets above the washer/dryer. After workout please place the workout towels in the sink the the left of the dryer. Every couple of days the workout towels should be washed/dried and placed back in the cabinet to keep the supply available.

8. Check out procedure

On your check out day: Please place all bed linens and towels in laundry bag on your bed, and please pack all of your luggage and place it in the garage before leaving for morning workout. If you are planning to return to the house to shower before your flight, arrange ahead of time with the RA to provide you with a towel. ​Please do not use your room or the new towels on the bed as those will be setup for the next guest.

9. In Case of Problems

Immediately contact either the RA or Ranch House Owners (Russell or Cindy) if you notice anything broken or in need of repair.

Also contact the RA, Russell, or Cindy with any concerns about your housemates and we will help mediate the problem.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

COVID-19 Statement:

Regarding COVID-19

The Florida Ranch House is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for the athletes who stay at our home while training at the Florida Baseball Ranch. In addition to our standard house rules and policies we are implementing the following additional policies and rules.

1). If you have tested positive or are experiencing symptoms which may be indicative of exposure to COVID-19 14-days in advance of arrival you must notify us immediately. We will work with you to either reschedule your stay or refund any fees paid. For the safety of all athletes staying at the house and working out at the Baseball Ranch, please do not come to the house, having experienced symptoms, without first testing negative for COVID-19.

2) If you begin experiencing symptoms that may be indicative of COVID-19 while you are staying at the house, you must notify us immediately.

3) While our standard policies have a high standard for maintaining a clean household, we will be working with the RA to take extra precautions to ensure common surfaces and items are disinfected on a daily basis. This will involve the athletes working together at the direction of the RA to complete the wipe down process.

4) We have added additional cleaning protocols which will be followed by our cleaning service and are inline with WHO recommendations which include using disinfectant techniques for cleaning and laundry as well as additional cycle time before re-using bed linens and towels to provide additional confidence that any residual contagion is illuminated.

5). We will be strictly enforcing our no guest policy. At no time should there be more than 10 individuals on the property (8 guests, the RA, and any performing pickup, drop off, or delivery). If you are not staying at the house, we ask that you do not enter the house for pick up or drop off. Please remain outside on the property while the athlete moves their belongings in or out of the house.

6). Should any player become sick while staying at the house they will be immediately quarantined to an individual room until necessary arrangements can be made for the athlete to move out. All parties who may be affected will be immediately contacted and made aware of the development. Depending on the level of exposure it may be necessary to shelter all players in place for an extended period of time until appropriate measures can be taken to reduce the risk of broader exposure.

7). In the unlikely event we experience an exposure at the house we will immediately contact all future reservation holders and we reserve the right to cancel all future reservations and promptly return all paid funds.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and will comply with these house rules. I understand that failure to comply may result in my being asked to leave and forfeiture of all funds paid. By agreeing to these rules, I am accepting the potential risk of exposure to COVID-19 and agree that the Florida Ranch House (Stohr Performance Properties) is not liable in any way for exposure or injury that occurs while staying at the house.

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